Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Current mood:good
I'm glad I made that last post. I feel as though that phase of my life has finally closed, and I am at peace with it.
I am only taking two classes this semester: Swimming, and ASLII. I am so frustrated with this school, I'm planning on making this the only semester I have to attend it. I went looking for math yesterday and went to the room it was supposed to be held in, and that was not the class it was in. There was no posting of it moving either. I was sent to three different classes looking for an English class I was interested in taking, but never found it. And then yesterday, my swimming teacher never showed up for class, and I think I heard that she is not going to be here tomorrow either. Bummer. So after all of that trouble, I decided to not take Chem this semester. I'm just sticking with swimming and ASL. ASL is going to kick my butt into shape. I got an A in it last semester in San Diego, but the way they teach here is completely different. I've stayed and chatted with the teacher after every class so far, and she is going to help me get through this. I already have some extra hand outs I've been going over, and I've been keeping up with the reading. In my last ASL class, we actually signed. I haven't signed yet in this class, and my teacher is hearing. My last teacher was deaf, and I felt like I learned a lot more from that experience then I am going from this one. At least swimming is the same no matter where I go. I can not wait to get back in the water ^_^
My mother got another kitten last night. She got one back in November because while she was at the store, some homeless dude left her in my mom's cart, and Mom couldn't say no to her little face and her pathetic "meow."
Then lately these kids have been coming around our neighborhood door-to-door trying to give this little black kitten away, and my mom was not for it. Last night, she went out and when she got home, Jordan had the kitten and told my mom those kids were being mean to it and threw it over our fence and left. So now my mom has two little boys to keep her company while the kids are in school. Thing is Sapphire (first kitty) is scared of Midnight (second kitty).

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