Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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So tonight in band we broke out the Christmas music (already??? I know!) It was actually really neat because I haven't played Christmas music since Modesto High School. There, the first Monday after marching season, we broke out Russian Christmas Music, Holiday Favorites and one other march, and that was like it for the Christmas music I've played. Oh wait there were the Christmas selections the Jazz Band played during 0 period the day before winter holiday. But those were just Christmas Carols. So now with the band I'm involved with now, we are playing some fun cheesy Christmas Carols, but we are also playing some challenging music, some cultural holiday music, some very interesting variations and so on. Bad part is, I'm in a Christmasy mood now .
Russian Christmas Music  ,
^^oh man take 12 minutes and go to the link, the piece is one of my favorites to perform!!)

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