Monday, January 30, 2006

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Wee the X-Games are here finally! Love watching the X Games. I used to watch them with Jordan back at home, now I've been watching them with Ben and Carolyn. The men's super pipe is probably my favorite event. The competition doesn't seem to be as heated as it was last year. I mean there were some amazing moves going on, and this year, they are standards. So got to wait for the finals tonight ^_^
So I have my Calculus final this Thursday. I hope I pass so I can pass the class. I worked too hard and paid too much in time and money to not pass. I've had one good quiz, one bad quiz and 2 pretty bad midterms. So if I do well on this take home quiz and the final, I think I'll pass. Was talking with Ben and he told me the work I've done in the past 5 weeks, he did in 2 years! So I'm going to work on that this afternoon and evening (when I'm not watching the X Games xD)
So at work I think I mentioned the Disney thing that is going on at work. Another thing we do at work is called a "shop" We have a mystery shopper come in and we get a score for the week. Out of 10 that is. Now our store is #1 in the district. Our average is a 9.4. This past week we had a 9.75. Most stores would flip out at the score of what we consider a low score. So we also went this past year with perfect safety records. So everyone in our store got a Fossil watch! It is so nice, but it's so big and clunky. So I' don't wear it much.
Man how the times have changed. Ben has got me into watching Battlestar Galactica lord help us all. It's not really my kind of show, but oh look! I'm watching it xD Yes watching it and eating cold pasta. College student anyone???
February 18 is Ben and my one year anniversary. So I'm taking him to see Cirque Du Soleil's Quidam! I can finally afford the tickets, so I'm going to take care of that this coming weekend.
I also need to get myself some classes for the spring semester. I haven't registered because it will completely drain my bank account. So I'm going to crash a few courses and see what I can get into. Calc II, swimming, maybe a music or theater class and one more academic class.
OH! I got the soundtrack to the Chronicles of Narnia the collectors edition! It's really good, I love it.
So things are going really well these days, I'm happy ^_^
I'm out!

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