Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm going home tomorrow, after I go to the Long Beach competition. Haven't seen Modesto High all year, I hope they are doing alright this year. I had two tests yesterday. They went pretty good. I hope. So I'm finished for Thanksgiving. I'm bringing homework home (ironic?) so I can be all caught up and maybe a little ahead by the time I get back to San Diego.
Things with Ben are going pretty well. It's been a little stressful the past 2 weeks or so, and it's showing, but I think it will be MUCH better in January.
I'm going to be working again the week I get back here after the holiday, so that is good and bad. So now that I think about it, getting ahead in school now sounds like a really good idea.
It looks like I'm going to have to take it easy this next semester and work a lot more. I'm probably only going to take math and swimming and maybe a music class if I'm lucky. I hope I get the job at Sea World. I went in a couple of weeks for another interview, but I didn't know that I can only get one interview every 6 months per area. Although she asked me if I wanted to interview for a professional position xD. I have a few other ideas for jobs as well. San Diego Zoo, Home Depot, anything that I can use a cash resister xD
Can't think of much else to say I'm out!

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