Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend was totally awesome. Survived a very shaky week of classes. I mean I was not prepared at all last week, and I'm trying my hardest this time to catch up. I think two times at work, there was not enough work to be done, so I was offered to go home early, which I did. Friday, went and played pool with Ben and man did I SUCK.
 I haven't played in like 2-3 months and I used to play once a week or once every other week most of the summer. So it was bad. It was totally cool though. I love the pool hall here. The one in not "cool." San Diego is totally cool, I mean it's the place to be. OK so there are probable a hundred other cool places to be in San Diego, but I like this one. It is like 4 blocks from the beach and the other stores around there are totally cool. Besides those kinds of stores, there were like 4 CD stores with prices from like $3.99+ sort of thing. That place is totally chill. I love it here. So did that and hung out on....Friday. Saturday morning, I had to work. That was the pits. Who the heck in their right mind would be caught dead on a school campus on a Saturday morning? The bookstore was so dead that like everyone went home. I mean the surf was up this weekend 6-10'.  Well I didn't go "home" exactly. I went over to Ben's place and we hung around until Caleb came down. So then the three of us went to play pool, and once again I sucked. It was totally fun anyways. I'm not one to play to win ay like anything, especially pool. Its more of a social thing for me. So after a couple hours of that we picked up Priscilla and the 4 of us went to Old Town for Dinner. Old Town is the Spanish historic part of San Diego. It is pretty touristy, but it is still fun to go to.  the also have the biggest supply of Mexican food...after Mexico that is. So we hung out there for a couple of hours and Priscilla wanted to stay at home that night, so we dropped her off and I went back to Ben's place with him and Caleb. God that night was totally crazy.
 Sunday after a LONG morning, we went out to Mission Beach and played there for like an hour or so, walked through the bored walk then went back to my place and watched Layer Cake. It's pretty cool if you have the slightest idea of what's going on xD. So won't go much into that, it was very cool though I must admit. So after that we went and saw Lord of War. I don't know what the guys thought about it, but I thought it was very dark and even though it was like "bad" I liked it a lot. It was very good. It is a very bitter movie, there is no happy or even sad end. It's just "this is what it is and that's that" No questioning it, no what if's. Well others might think differently, but that's my thought about it.
So today was back to reality for me. Worked from 7:30-4 at the cash register. I hate standing for that long. So that got over and I'm at Ben's right now. Was working on HW, and I think I'm done for tonight.
It rained and thundered today. I was freaked out . Kelsey no like rain D:

There it is, my life as of today. Take it or leave it. I'm out!

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