Thursday, September 15, 2005

It is funny how the world likes to play tricks on me. Today was ok this morning. Well it was pretty good now that I think about it. Our math teacher is so awesome, she is convinced that we are all going to pass and she is always telling us that.  Swimming is alright, it is tiring and I sometimes don't know why I'm doing it anymore, but I just got to press on with it. Got to keep remembering what I'm working for. Chem was alright. It was the first time I didn't feel like falling asleep. Maybe because we were working on equations the whole time. Not sure if I can do them without looking at the examples, and we have a test on Tuesday. If I just do the homework assigned, I'll be fine.
Work sucks, I can not stress that enough. I was let off 3 hours early again. Also I tried calling Starbucks yesterday and no one was answering so went there today and they interviewed me on the spot and want me to come in for another on Tuesday. So that is mondo good.
Just a lot of homework this weekend.
I'm out!

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