Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh man. Ok homework break. I was looking through my CD's and found my Veggie Tales Silly Songs with Larry CD. So I'm listening to it and the first song on the CD is "Dance of the Cucumber" Man I just got all nostalgic for Mexico. I'm listening to out beach music here in San Diego while doing my Chemistry homework. It is such a weird thought. I'm only three hours away from the Ranch, not 15. It has just hit my how close I live to Rancho Santa Marta. Man I miss it there like a lot. I'm still planning on going next year and every year until I die. Man I've been going there every year for 4 years. So I've been there 5 times. *sigh* I miss Mexico and being there with Cindy and Greg. I want to come home looking like this. I miss everything right now.   WOW. I just thought about what Mexico has given me over the years. I met Cindy, Ben and Caleb in Mexico,  I was introduced to Harry Potter, hours of cards and God knows how many other things I'm thinking of but am saving you from.

So this week has been really weird. Monday night we had an electrical storm and I didn't sleep at all. Lightening and thunder every 10 seconds all night. It was horrible. But I wasn't too tired the next day thank whatever. XD. So we are supposed to have similar weather on Monday because we are getting hit by the end of a hurricane. Nothing major, but it sounds cool!
School is going a lot better, this is my "catch up" weekend, and I've got a strong start. So I want to get all caught up, because I hate sliding through life and my classes, because this is the real thing and this is what is going to help me get into UCSD. I also made an appointment with a counselor so I can get a plan made out for transferring and all that good  stuff. Well speaking of which, I should get back to work.
I'm out!

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