Saturday, September 10, 2005

Priscilla and I are hecka getting along now, its so great! She and I both feel totally screwed right now. She just broke up with Cy and I'm there for her, I know how messy break ups can be. I'm here for her. We were both talking about how alone we feel down here, we both have like no friends and it sucks so much, she was just totally crying about Cy and the friend thing and I was sheading some tears too...almost. So she knows I'm pissed off, she has to work, but she and I are going out tonight after she gets home and we have plans for tomorrow too. I'm not changing them either so HA! If that bothers you, you know how I feel. I'm here all alone today doing Chemistry homework. I got some change and I'm going to hit the beach later, its so cold and cloudy, but I'm pissed off and let the world be pissed off with me. So  meh, grah and all other mehish and grash words to all today.

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