Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am not sure whether I want to cut my hair or not. I'm really beginning to like it long. I straightened it the other night, and I think it looked *good* I want it to be like that. But I still want it darker. Thoughts? Ideas?
Yesterday was just not good to me. I may have been slightly over emotional, but it still hurt and I didn't  know what else to do. No use pondering into it or reading too much into it. Just go on.
Have so much Chem. hw to do. Have to finish up 2 pre-lab write-ups, 1 post lab write-up, study 2 chapters of math for a test on Tuesday, 4 chapters of chem to read, go over 4 lecture notes, and do the review questions for test on Tuesday. Better get on it.
I'm out!

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