Friday, September 09, 2005

 I swear people live to torture my mind. I only worked 2 days this week adding up to 17 hours. So I began looking for another job because this is only a temp. job and people are being let go this week. So I go to look at the schedule, and I'm working 4 days next week! I'm not really mad I guess, I just wasn't expecting it. I'm still going to look for another job because this one is just wearing out. Well maybe I'm being silly. The bookstore has no windows, and I hate that, it makes me sad. Starbucks where I am applying has lots of big windows. All I hear at the bookstore is how expensive things are and how we never have what they want. I mean at Starbucks, it isn't as common. Coffee is coffee. Also whenever I'm there, the people are not only nice, but they seem to enjoy their work. I can be nice and I am, but I really don't enjoy the work. Ah well, I hope it all works out.
not much else to report at this time, just the job thing.
I'm out!

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