Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ah the close of another weekend. Did a lot of math and chem on Friday. Then Saturday morning, I worked from 8:45-1:30. There were only 4 people there and I was the only one on the register. I'm also still on the schedule to work this week. They have been letting 4-5 people go every week so I must be doing something right if I'm still working there and on register. I still want to work at Starbucks, but this job is not killing me anymore. Maybe that will change tomorrow.
So then came over to Ben's to do work on homework and to do my laundry. Saw Dan, an old friend from Modesto and helped Ben make dinner. So then Ben and I hung out the rest of the night. So then today hung around for the morning then did chem in the afternoon. So just got back from dinner with Dan and Ben. (wow me and 3 letter guys xD)
I guess this is going to be a short post this time.
I'm out!

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