Thursday, September 01, 2005

Man today has just lasted forever it seemed. I got up at 5 for math and it's still review in t is that class. It is review and then some on things I already know. I have to do the first like chapter by next Tuesday, and that is like 7 sections meh. Then we swan today ^_^ It felt so good to be in the water again. I met a couple of girls there who were really cool. So then went home and made dinner because I worked from 1-9, I just got home like 20 minutes ago. So then went to chem and found the only way I could stay awake was to chew gum. I get so bloody tired at that time of day. I didn't realize how much I already know about chemistry xD. I thought this would be totally new or something. So then at work I was at the cash register all day again. Oh man, I liked it on Monday, but now I'm sick of it. I'm going to look for a new job this weekend for sure.
Well Ben is finally coming down in 2 days for staying purposes. Man knowing that made my day even slower, I miss him so much.
Ok for those who not know, my dad has a degree in photo-journalism and a minor in at history. But he is a tuck driver for Fito-lay. He hates it and he loves photography, he is really good too. He has an old college buddy who works for the Travel Channel. He recently did a show on Americas beaches or something. He used my dads photos for the website, so awesome! Well recently, his friend decided he was going to write a book on the history of Fremont and my dad is going to be the photographer for the book! I'm so excited for him,  he is finally living out a dream. He and mom went out on a camera shopping spree yesterday, I bet that was like magic for him.
Well I'm tired.
All right, enough - so be it

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