Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ugh this is so horrible. Ben calls me every night at 9. omg so after we got off the phone, I was in bed and i was just thinking so i texted Caleb, and we texted back and fourth for a couple minutes and then out of nowhere Priscilla first tells me "you have work hella early so you should go to bed" and I'm all like w/e. so I keep going and then she  says "you know that's damn rude cause I'm trying to sleep. I miss my family too but you don't see me up all night talking to them on the phone!" so I said I was almost done and got up and went to the living room (well the kitchen table) and called Caleb so we could talk, talked to him till like 1 30 and I was telling him like how Priscilla and I don't get along that well and I feel intimidated by her, but mostly other things. then like 5 minutes before I hang up she comes out of the room and while I'm on the phone, starts telling me, "If you're going to be talking shit about me just keep your damn mouth shut" I'm still thinking about what I could have said about her. I never said anything bad about her. I told Caleb we don't get along and I feel very self conscious because I feel like she's judging me all the time. I don't know what to do. Someone want to move down here with me?

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