Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yeah it's been tense at home. But I'm learning to just let it go. I honestly don't think or say bad about Priscilla. I know that we are different, have different morals and were raised believing different things. But I would never say anything bad about her or anyone else I know.
Geez, its a beautiful day here. It's been cold for a couple of days but man today really perked up. Maybe it's because at work they keep the store at like -47 degrees. I'm not the only one who is absolutely freezing every day. Like everyone wears a jacket every day.
Things are not too bad besides well the roommate thing. I talk to Brianna and Ben every day, and I read a lot. I'm thinking about cutting my hair. Like an inch or two past my shoulders. I wore it like that back in my junior and senior year. I REALLY liked the length of it and I  really want to do it again. I like it now, but its too wavy and long for me to *really* take care of. Well I'm going to head home and grab some lunch and do my laundry wOOt.
I'm out!

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