Sunday, August 28, 2005

School is beginning tomorrow. I work all day. I would rather have class than be working in the bookstore of all places. It is going to be so crowded, people everywhere. Kelsey is not the biggest fan of people, especially a lot of people in a confined place. I hope it will be alright. I'm really nervous. I mean if I'm on cash register, what if I'm too slow and people complain? If I'm on the floor, what if I don't know where something is? If I'm in text books, what if we don't have something in stock? Just so much could go wrong and so much could be blamed on me. I could be let go, or something then I would be screwed. Maybe I could be stuck in the back labeling all day or something. I could deal with that. I just don't want customers to complain to me. I need to keep this job as long as I can. I'm still going to look this coming weekend. But yeah.
I'm excited about classes beginning. The classes I'm taking the ones that are actually transferring to UCSD. I feel like I totally wasted a year MJC. I took classes, but nothing to actually help me get here o UCSD. I just kind of fiddled around and tool this and that. But now. I'm finally on the way. It feels for real this time.
Maybe I just need a good night's sleep and a prayer. Think of me as I face the world.
I'm out!

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