Friday, August 12, 2005

Man there is so much to take of. Financial aid, plus work and then trying to sort out things for school. then I have my bills and food to worry about. I can't say I hate it though. I'm free of Modesto, and I'm loving it. It is so much better than living in a dorm too. I mean this is the real world, I'm not in a pretend land where everything is taken care of for me. I mean I'm totally living on my own salary (well mostly xD), I don't know, It's stressful, but its real. I haven't had any financial help from my parents what so ever for over a year now, and I mean they did not help me with anything even while I lived there. The only thing I got was a place to sleep and any food they bought at the store. The rest was on my own. I didn't get a monthly allowance like a few of my friends do. My clothes, school, everything was on my own, and it was hard. It still is, but this time I have my own place. Yes I have my own place this time, it feels wonderful to be able to call it home, even if it is only for a year or so. I do my own dishes, I clean it, and it is not a chore from my mom or something. I don't know its great, and living in America's Finest City is so worth it.
Priscilla and i don't get any cable or anything, we get 2 channels so we watch a lot of the news, and I have always been aware of the world, and being so caught up with everything now really makes me want to do something. I don't know, save a tree, eat less meat or something like that. I don't know. I really want to find a recycling venter. We get so much paper and plastic, and I HATE throwing it away. Might be taking public transportation because gas has hit $3 here, its crazy. The thing is the bus system is insane here, I'm SOSOSO scared I'm going to get lost.
I haven't been to a church since I've been here, and I'm starting to miss it. I mean I know I'm not all that religious, but it was still something that I grew up with and should continue with.
Hum, don't know what else to say right now. I spend a lot of time reading these days, might go to the pool later, cause it's bloody hot right now here. eep Priscilla called like an hour ago oops better go.
I hope you all well and call me sometime. Only one person has called me in the last 4 days. and I'm sick of calling people. leave me a comment and I will give you my number k?
I'm out!
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