Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend was awesome on so many levels. Ben and his parents came down to finish up some things with his apartment, and then he and I had Saturday afternoon and evening together. I miss him so much right now. I think he is coming down in 2 weeks and staying here.
On Friday night, Priscilla and I were going to Old Town for dinner and a girls night out thing or what not. For those who have not been to Old Town, it's a touristy place, but I had never been. So there were not a lot of places to park, so we were driving around for like 15 minutes. After driving through 3 parking lots, we found one that shined some hope. We both had our windows down cause it was a warm night. We were stopped because there were like 3 cars in front of us. So like out of nowhere this guy started running toward us and there was a security guard chasing him. He ran around us and back toward where he came from, and the security guard was chasing him with pepper spray and spraying it. Then the guy ran so close to us either Priscilla or I could have reached out and like grabbed him or hit him or something. But he ran out of site for a minute then came back. By this time, the cars that were in front of us had gone and we hadn't moved. So the guy came back and this time he had keys to this truck that was parked. We were stopped in a place that would not allow the truck to back out, so we were blocking it. So at this point the cars behind us scrambled and the security guard has his gun out and is yelling at the guy in the truck to get out. Priscilla and I are starting to freak out so we begin to back up so we don't get dragged into it. But the security guard told us to stay there. The guy in the truck gets on the CB radio and is blasting it and we didn't catch all he said. Then he starts to back out of the space, and OMG he came so close to hitting us, Priscilla was freaking out, and I called my dad cause I didn't know who else to call. So I'm telling him what's going on, and then we hear a helicopter above us and then like 10 police cars arrive all at once. They start running toward the truck (which is not leaving because the security guard is standing in front of it so he can't go anywhere) with their guns drawn and all that. So now I'm freaking out as well. They pulled him out then started beating him up right in front of us, right in front of her car. Then they wrestle hand cuffs on him and he starts yelling at us "Bare witness to this, I was just using the bathroom."
So after that, Priscilla and I found a parking spot, and went and had dinner.

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