Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I have had better days. Yeah last night and today have just sucked over the top. Well parts of last night were amazing, but besides that, well lets just say I wish I could wake up and have this all be over. I feel so horrible, I don't know Priscilla has been totally horrible the past like 3 days, and I don't know what do to. I've been nice and my normal easy going self, and she is just bitching about how messy I am (my whales sleep on the floor at night) and now I never do any chores (yeah I don't remember taking out the trash, keeping the floors clean and keeping the shower clean being chore either) (and the only thing she does is do the dishes and she volunteered to be responsible for that). I swear for those who don't know, I am like not an emotional person at all. Seriously I can think of one time I broke down and actually cried in the last 2 years. But last night and this afternoon I totally fell apart on the phone with Ben and Caleb. Ugh I don't think I could feel much shorter.

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