Thursday, June 09, 2005

Man I feel really helpless right now. I got to swimming and I'm not totally back to myself. And I told the instructor what was going on. So he said that's totally cool but he wanted me to just get in and warm up and that's all I would have to do. So I did it was all jolly and good. I feel alright. A little weak still. But I will live. So I came into the library to get some more work done for math class because I have a test today, and I missed class yesterday. So I just got there and realized my notebook and all my paper is at home and I have no way of getting it. So I'm going to go outside, get some munchies and go through my book through about 2-3 chapters. I have like over an hour so I'm not too concerned. I'm just REALLY hungry. Well I was about to go on another little rant, but I've decided it doesn't matter anymore.
OMG I'm so excited tomorrow night the new Hayao Miyazaki movie is coming out and the only place Ben can find it playing is in San Francisco, so we are going to go see it tomorrow. I also hope Cindy decides to come, that would be so cool, but yeah *excited*. Cindy graduates tonight and whether she gets me an extra ticket or not, I'm going hee hee. No I have an idea that will work. But I still want to be there for her.
Well I had better go study for my test.
I'm out!

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