Friday, May 13, 2005

I thought I posted yesterday. Guess not. See how well I'm here these days .
Allergies have been totally killer this week. Spring is in the air that's for sure. Speaking of spring, on Wednesday night, I heard peacocks for the first time this year. It is officially spring for me. I have to hear the peacocks to convince me it's spring.
There is a guy parked in front of my house and he's been there for like 10 minutes and he has 6 puppies in his truck. OH I could die they are so cute and they are making the cutest sounds. But they are $200 each LOL yeah right. We are having a yard sale today and its going pretty well.
School is rocking its way so far. I  have a little bit of hw to do this weekend, no biggie.
Tomorrow is the Modesto air show, and my dad has to work. I really wanted to go with him. We haven't gone to an air show together in years We used to go to 2-3 a summer. But then he has his job which is so unpredictable. It is totally not cool.
Um I can't really think of anything else too exciting going on right now. My dad has been working out in the backyard a lot and it looks really good. So I guess I'll stop here before I get out of control here.
I'm out!
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