Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My last final was today, and its weird for me. I feel like I'm back to my old and well younger self. Up until high school, the longest I had been at any school was 2 years. Then I was at Mo Hi for 4 years. I'm done at JC. Whether I get into Hawaii or not, I'm done here. If Hawaii does not work out I'm planning on moving in with Brianna and going to school in Rocklin. So say I'm there for a year, go on to Hawaii for a year or 2, then come back and finish up in San Diego. Still short amounts of time.
Another thing with JC is I never felt all that connected like I did at MHS or BWMS. In those schools, I knew so many people, and had been involved with so many things. Music, a little drama, girl scouts. But at JC, the only thing I did was swim and music. But the connections with the people there were just not the same. I'm wondering if it is just a college thing in general or if it was me trying not to get involved. I'm not unhappy about my experiences here. I don't know. I wonder if I am going to feel any more connected with the other schools I'm going to be going to.
But yeah I'm done with JC. I'm going to swim this summer, and I think I'm going to take math. But for now, I am done. Now I have to see  if I can find another job, cause my current one does not pay enough for me to get by anymore. Plus I have Mexico coming up and I have to pay for half of it plus food $ on the way there and back. Plus I have no shorts right now, and I have no way of paying for college. I can get these classes here at JC paid for through the government. so wOOt for that. but it doesn't cover books and I am in need of reeds for band. So job is in my next few things to do.
Well I had better get back to whatever I was doing.
I'm out!

OMG like 4 days till Disneyland!!!

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