Thursday, April 28, 2005

Doydle has been spazing out for the past 2 days. I'm not sure if he is going be living much longer. I've had fish long enough to know the signs, and he has them. He's always near the bottom, he doen't have a lot of control when he is swimming and his fins are droopy. Poor little guy. If he is going to go, I hope he goes before we go to Disneyland so hes not in the tank the whole time we are gone, man that would be so gross.
I've been sleeping mostly today, catchintg up for the past 2 weeks. i feel so lethargic I absolutly hate it. Well I'll be active in Disneyland. The park opena a little later than I thought, so I'm gonna swim in the mornings while we are there. Then I begin swimming the week after we get back. I really like swimming. It keeps me active since I am no longer marching and getting my butt kicked. So I kick my own butt and swim. I've really noticed some differences. My abbs are totally toned out, and I get a tan all in the same time. So you get a major workout, plus is helps you concentrate on your breathing patterns, whihc is a lot more inportant than people realize. Thats what separates yoga from pilates. Yoga does not focus on the breathing. Well I had better go watch whos like with dad. I haven't been here all that much latly.
I'm out!

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