Thursday, March 24, 2005

Research paper. I know I want it to be about the "fight" with Harry Potter and the church/religion/people who have not read it and people (children) who have read it/(children who) want to read and are "not allowed to." So I need to find out
-who is involved in this battle.
-What the battle is.
-Why it is there.

I'm finding some really interesting things. I'm reading a book called Looking for God in Harry Potter. It is written by a Christian in favor for Harry Potter. I'm for Harry Potter, but I don't want that to reflect in my paper. I also want to get ahold of Harry Potter and the Bible. I'm finding some articles online as well. If anyone can help me, pleas do. Any ideas or references are greatly appreciated.

Nothing much else going on here that I can think of. Competition at Johanson this Saturday come one and all. MJC concert this Friday night so come to that, we like to play for people, not empty seats. Man school is a real butt kicker. My butt hurts so mucho. Being kicked all the time. Meh ok I'm out!

PS People who live here should die.
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