Tuesday, March 29, 2005

 Man we had a big discussion about animal rights this morning in English. After reading a short story about a horse living alone, having a companion, and then going crazy after she is taken away. It was interesting, I really liked some of the points that were made. Comparing animal cruelty to rape and murder. Then that opened up the topic of this and that and man it got really hot for a few minutes. I was talking to a girl about the intelligence of animals, even my fish. Yeah they might have a memory span of three seconds, but they all have very real personalities. For example, Super Dude has his own swimming pattern.. It has been the same the whole time I've had him. He starts out in one corner near the top, swims down and across to the adjacent corner and back. He has always done that. Then Bob has always followed SD and he pesters him. they can chase each other for long periods of time. And usually the time I want to go to sleep :P Then Doydle is very calm and gentle. He is usually near the top of the water just minding his own business. And ironically, this is all happening right now as I'm writing this.
On December 22 2003, we had a small earthquake. I barley noticed it, I was on my bed reading and I got really dizzy all of a sudden and my fish were jumping and swimming really fast. And I saw that my necklaces that are hanging on my wall were swinging slightly back and forth.
About 10 minutes ago, Doydle was jumping and he was hitting the cover of the tank, he hit it like 3 times. I had to go over and set something heavy on top so it won't open. My necklaces aren't moving so I think he's just a little hyper. Fed them to calm them down. But he is back to floating near the top doing his little thing.

Ok enough of my fish tales (HAHAHA). I got 2 new candles today. I'm only burning 5 right now. Also got sunglasses. I haven't been able to find my old ones. and wOOt the library is open!! So went there for awhile. Got a couple books. Got math this afternoon and I'm so tired right now. I think I'm goanna go close my eyes for a few

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