Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey guys. Well life goes on so says me. I don't know :P. Hum da dee dum. Well I went to the percussion at Johanson yesterday, and It was so weird not going to perform. I hadn't realized how mush I missed it. In life some people live for thrills. For some people, a thrill could be sex, skydiving or roller coasters. One of my thrills is going to percussion competitions. Watching is perhaps one of my favorite pastimes. It is the only time when I can forget everything and be truly "happy" if there is even such a thing.
I got my English essay back this week and Dimitri gave me props, saying it was the best one I had written this semester. So I got a decent score on it. I'm glad. I really hope I do well on my research paper. I decided I'm going to do my research paper on Harry Potter vs. the church/religions. I did some research on it on Tuesday, and oh man, I don't think 9 pages is going to be long enough for it. People are so closed minded in this world, and it makes me mad. I try so hard to be open minded about as much as possible. But some people.....just tick me off. I only have three swimming classes left, so I might join another one, cause I'm turning into a health nut. It's fun. MM hum hum.
Well I think I got my payments cleared up at church, so I should be getting paid for three months soon. I hecka need it. I owe people money, and I know they understand, and I'm great fun, but it is still something I need to take care of. So the next thing to do with my money is turn in my transfer application(s). Yeah I think I want to turn in one to Hawaii and one to...well somewhere else ;) Oh and I have to pay off for my Mexico trip coming up in about three months wOOt for that, I'm so excited.
Well this was just a quick update, I got to go tackle the pile of homework that is starting to grow and reproduce. (yes that's how much I don't want to do my hw, but I got to)
I'm out!
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