Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things seem to be going peachy. Something totally weird: Mickalyn, Melina and I are all going out with a guy (no we all have our own). I don't think that has ever happened before. I mean we all have had our guys over the years, but at the same time? Man ok enough silly talk out of me.
Um I don't know. From the Valley here, did anyone else besides me see the Bay Area mountains? They were blue, absolutely beautiful, they were inspiring. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.
I got up yesterday, and I had a major headache and a sore throat. I feel worse today then I did yesterday, so be careful out there. My aunt said my cousin had the same thing yesterday and said it was a 10 day virus. So keep healthy out there: drink a lot of water, eat and take advantage of Californian fruit and veggies, take vitamins and keep in shape! I do what I can to keep myself in shape and health, and it feels pretty damn good when I do.
I feel for the first time in maybe forever, I'm actually learning in school. Not just the material, but things that relate to real life. We had this log discussion in English whether it was better to be a dreamer in life, or to be realistic. My argument was I think it is better to be a dreamer, but know what the reality is. And I hope that is how I'm living out my life. I know the rules and how harsh the world can be, and yet, still try to make the best of it, follow my dream and be happy. For example, working at SeaWorld is my dream. The reality of it is it is not easy to get in at all. It is probably the hardest darn thing I'm going to have to do. Also, its not really a high paying job. It's pretty ...well not that good. But I'm going to be happy doing it. That's the dream, that's my dream. So take my words: Dream big, make your dreams come true, but be cautious and careful of reality. Love, and be loved. Be happy! Make something happen every day! Remember me for 2 things.
Remember me for my enthusiasm. Think of the look in my eyes, how fired up they get.
Remember me for my passion. I am passionate about what I do. I treat it like a new born being, so delicate, at the same time, so much potential to become great.
I'm out!

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