Thursday, January 27, 2005

For those who don't know, I have the coolest English teacher in the world. So for hw on Tuesday, we had to read Robert Frost's,  "Birches" which is an awesome piece of poetry. Well we began talking about it class, and he asked if we even knew what a birch tree was. Some did and most didn't. He tried to describe them, and thought of a house about a block and a half away from campus. One of the students said the magic words: FIELD TRIP!!! Yes, we took a 15 minute field trip to some random person's house to see some birch trees. It was so much fun, cause it was bloody cold out, but walking made up for it.
I guess in a way, it made up for yesterday. Caleb and I tried to be adventurous, and I totally was into it.. then hw murdered it...he killed the adventure..... I think that was the most spontaneous class ever. Um I'm out!
PS Nina is convinced Willy is friends with Shamu...o_0

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