Monday, January 31, 2005

The more I look into Hawaii for school in the next year or so is really exciting for me. The programs are amazing, the cost is not through the roof, and the location is prime choice for many. My dad was saying that he wasn't supposed to say, but if I get in, they are going to pay for me to get there. which is and was a huge concern of mine. And I hope that it does work out that way. From what I've seen, a full time student is taking only 9 units. So if I take 9+ units and work my butt off, I might survive there who knows? Another idea that came to mind was if there is anyone out there who is not sure of what to do this next year or so, consider coming with me. It would totally rock if I could get someone I knew to come to Hawaii with me. If I end up going alone, cool deal, but I think it would be the ultimate cool thing ever. If anyone wants information, just IM me or Email me or something, I have information. The programs are amazing and there are things there to experience that not many other colleges have to offer. Well I'm out!

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