Monday, November 22, 2004

I finished the pants book for my humanities class, and I started my Theoretical Orientation Paper for Psychology. I have a week and  a day to do it. So I will do it, and I will get a good grade on it. So I decided the mental disorder I am going to do my paper on is ADD/ADHD. I know a little about it and I can still learn something from it. Also I  was believed to have it. I got many phone calls from many teachers for years with suspicions of me having ADD, but my mom is convinced mental disorders don't really exist, people are just seeking attention. and I'm not miss-quoting her by much. That is what she believes and will take it to the grave.
Well I put all of my clothes away today for the first time in like a month and things look so much better in here already. I might go ahead and finish it up here in the next few days. I still haven't seen my bottom retainer in about a week now so if you remember anything, please please let me know ASAP.
With the hope of tomorrow,

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