Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Today was not bad at all. I got a call from Melina and found out she was home and wanted to go out and hang. What she failed to tell me was she brought 3 other people I don't know and we went shopping. No it gets better. We went shopping for her. No it gets better. We go shopping at a cheap thrift store. No it gets better. We also got to wait around till she tried on everything in the store, and had to get something for her ex-bf. I swear we were there for an hour, me standing around trying to talk to one of her friends. Have had more fun.
Then we went to the mall and one of the guys and I were so sick of clothing stores, so we left Melina and went to hang out on our own. She found us again and we were about to leave when she ditches us out of nowhere. So I'm stuck there with a guy I had just met, wondering where she went. Then we found her and she and the other 2 girls were acting like they were 12 or something. I mean it was embarrassing. Then she ditched us again for god knows how long. Then she randomly turns up and I'm now home wishing this night had never happened. Well, I have a lot of ice cream to help. I love ice cream a lot. It's just my fav food I guess. So I have a lot of it. Cause I need a lot.

Life is so whatever.
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