Friday, November 12, 2004

I discovered how weird one can go. I have been listening to a lot of music constantly. Maybe I like listening to it. Maybe I'm trying to learn something. I listen to so much music. I listen to such a variety. For example I', listening to The Phantom of the Opera. And this song I am listening to brings to me flashbacks from the Reno trip in band last year. I have listen to this album so many times. But there was a song  from it that is not on my CD. And I listened to it a lot over that trip. So now whenever I hear it, I get many flashbacks from Reno. Now as the track changes, I'm listening to Josie and the Pussycats. The first time I heard this Cd and got listening to them was last year in Mexico. So this is like a traveling Mexico song, (I smell my waffles brb). Then of course Veggie Tales is Mexico working music and more importantly Mexico beach music. Then this song, oh a favorite of mine. It's called Holiday in the Sun by Weezer. I have had the CD with this song on it for 2 years. And it is total beach/surfer bum music I love it. But then a few weeks ago, I heard it at a surfing competition in Huntington beach. So I get into another mood or setting when I hear it now. Then I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks that bring on memories, make memories and such.
Ok now to the weird part. I have been listening to a lot of Cirque du Soleil, mainly Quidam. But all of the words are in French and Italian. Its crazy. I know the words and I have absolutely no idea what I'm saying. I don't know, the music is absolutely amazing, it speaks to me. It is telling a story, my story I feel.
Well David is coming home today I'm so glad. I got to go up to Sacramento last night to see him and McKenna. I really couldn't say much to her cause she is not allowed any visitors cause she has a virus that is like the third most harmful virus to a CF patient. But she is having surgery on Saturday morning to get her nose set. So I got to hang out with David for about an hour and we watched Fern Gully. We used to own that when we were little litter. And we have so many inside jokes due to that movie.
Well I'm out.
I'm a nutter. I just posted and I want to write more.
So In listening to all of this music. I have discovered I really want to go to Mexico like right now. I always have so much fun working there. I just miss it. I might post some more on it later but I just wanted to add that I know I'm silly

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