Sunday, October 17, 2004

This is was just a bunch of really random things going on in my head most of the morning:

-I wish I could dance. Like regular, and then swing, ballroom, tap, jazz , even hula would totally kick butt.  I don't know, I sometimes consider dropping music and enrolling into a dance school. I want to dance, anyone want to teach me?
-I also wish I could sing. Like in a group, not some choir. I love doing it so much, but I'm no good.
-Would love to better musician. Playing is so awesome, listening to better players makes me want to become better.
-Hate cold rain, hate hate hate it. Hate it. Woke up freezing. And I'm still cold.

-Congrads to Mo Hi, you guys rock so much miss ya!
-"Cute" people piss me off, stop it!
-Why are people so weird? Just be yourself.

-Stop posting on my site if I have blocked you, it was funny at first, but not it's just pissing me off.
-I need a new vanilla scented candle, my only one is dead. And it can't be pretend vanilla either, it has to be real vanilla. I have $3 for the person who can get me one.
-Coconut is also one of my favorite scents. Hate the actual food.
-I need more lotion. I have raspberry scented, and love it. I have a thing for tropical and fruit scents.  My shave gel is pear, raspberry. I hate the scent of lavender, it gives me headaches.
-Cirque du Soleil's latest release permanent show in Vegas is combining the thrill of the Crique with the great Beatles!!!! OMG How much cooler could they get?
-Weather like this puts me in a frisky mood...

Ok, I might add more later. I have to go clean. Love you all, those were just random thoughts this morning.

Added at 9 41
- I have had 4 cups of coffee today. I think I need more.
-I was on the phone with Mickalyn for 3 hours today. My record I think id 5 hours.
-I'm not  phone person/
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