Saturday, October 16, 2004

Change. (My third post, but this one is going to be insightful). I just spent the last hour or so reading my blog. From the beginning. Reading my blog, the comments left, the comments I gave, my friends' sites. Just wow. I need to say it again. WOW. We all have changed so much over these past months, years for some. I sit back and think how I have changed and grown as a person. I saw what I used to be. I remember. This is just amazing. I remember what I was like before I got involved with relationships, fights, tests of friendships, failed friendships, renewed friends. How I have changed is just amazing me right now, my friends changed too. Not in a bad way either. Just wow. Look at what we were and look at what we are now. I'm still amazed here. ...just WOW. If anyone of you find some time soon, go back and read your own blogand think about how much you have changed.

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