Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Please don't get me wrong. I like rain. I find it to bring on an adventure. I remember many adventures in the rain. Mostly up at Mount Hermon. Used to get into so much trouble, get so lost, be so alone. It was wonderful. Rain also brings along some of the most wonderful smells, burning wood, the deep, damp earth, moss, mildew, mold. And those are not bathroom smells either. I'm talking about the moist wood smell.
Rain also encourages one of the most awesome sports ever, mud football. Wet, muddy, shirtless guys, its awesome. Tackle is a must, none of that sissy flag football.
Also I like playing in the mud. That is not a very known fact about me, but I do. I'm so weird sometimes. I also like digging for worms, making salads out of leaves and grass and swinging on swings. I like getting lost, getting in trouble, and becoming an idol because the other kids were not brave enough to do it with us.
I think the best rain in the world is warm rain, like in Hawaii. I was in Kauai my freshman year, and it rained at least once a day. Not that brings a smell like nothing else on earth. Even though Hana is not on Kauai, the only way do describe the smell is Hana after it rains.
I think the biggest reason I don't like the rain is it brings on cold. I can not do cold for anything. And I don't have any control over it either. When I get cold, I get quiet, and mentally shut down I just do. I really hate it when it happens, because people think I'm sad, depressed, shy, stuck up and what not.
Well I think those are my thoughts for today.

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