Saturday, October 23, 2004

I was thinking about other career possibilities. There is so much out there. So this is what I think I would like to do:
-Killer whale trainer
-Wedding coordinator
So what do you think? I don't know, they sound fun, and I think I could pull off any one of them. But I'm sticking to Sea World, that much I know.

How come what happens in movies never happens in real life? Like for example:
- everything ends up alright at the end
-if someone dies, they seem to be able to push it aside until the very end
-someone ends up falling in love, the first time too, and it seems to last
-no one laughs at sarcasm, jokes or clich├ęs
-everyone laughs at pun's
-when there is a love scene, the girl never ends up pregnant (maybe pearl harbor)
-everyone knows who the main character is
-everyone knows how to dance, sing, etc.
-no one is left speechless
-no one seems to notice pain, or that they are even hurt
I don't know, when life seems boring, or meaningless, I just have to remember, this is my story, I have to live it. I sometimes pretend someone is reading my life like a book and I can't let it get boring.
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