Monday, October 25, 2004

Grrr. Man I hate when I wake up in a bad mood, cause I will be in a grumpy moon the whole day. So I had my alarm all set and I was so tired. So some person was banging yes banging on the table right out side my door at 8 this morning. So that ticked me off, and it's freezing in here. Then David comes in while I'm still in la la land and complains about how TJ took his PE clothes. Ok, so like I care in the first place, then he does not know the first thing about lowering his voice then he gets mad at me cause I won't listen to him.  I'm just in a bad mood today. Well the only classes I have are music classes so hopefully that will calm me down.
I also woke up and right below my shoulder blades is a pull in my spine towards the right, and my whole right arm hurts so much it's practically dead at my side. I'm sick of me hurting so much all the time. It's just random stuff then headaches 3-4 x a week.
I'm grumpy I need coffee, maybe some chocolate.  What is my life coming to?

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