Friday, October 29, 2004

Hey people, just writing, cause things are not going well at all here. Found out David is going into the hospital on Tuesday for 2 weeks. His health is really really bad this time, my parents are so concerned this time, I'm not sure how to feel. I mean this has happened so often I am thinking this is just normal. But my mom was saying things about this Christmas and I asked her why it couldn't wait till David turned 16.........
Well, leaving for Mission Viejo in about 3 hours, I think Jordan is coming too, so its me and my Hardy Boys. Dad got Lord of The Rings on tape so we can listen to it on the way down And I am so hoping to go to Newport, I haven't been there in years and it's only like 4 miles from where we r going to be. Yeah, love Newport, and Balboa, same area. Newport has the best beach in California I think. Man, my mind is already there. Wow I have written a lot in like 9 minutes. Got my sunglasses, a ton of food, coffee, tunes, I think I'm going to go for my other pants, bring my bored shorts yeah I'm a California girl alright

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