Sunday, October 31, 2004

Congrats to MO Hi once again you guys totally rock! So after we dropped David at the site, Dad, Jordan and I went off to Huntington Beach. So awesome. It was so warm I changed into my bored shorts and man that's why I need to live in a warm place. I could live in bored shorts and spaghetti strap shirts. But it was fun, saw dolphins, and Jordan went body slamming-I mean surfing. He came up blowing chunks and laughed about it. Then we went down the beach and went to a surfing competition and omg, it was so awesome I swear I need to get back into surfing, I miss it. I don't know, I loved the atmosphere so much, surfing, music, free high energy drinks, the sand the sun and omg all the surfers. Got to tell Carina about it on Tuesday. Will write more later, kinds busy at the moment ttfn all
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