Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today has just been so full of emotions. Not in a bad way. Just looking through a window to the past, and in a way, to the future. Dad was looking through his closet earlier, I'm not sure the cause, but in the process he found most of out photo albums. They are mostly of me. These are huge books and there are so many of them, and a good 70% of the pic's are of me. It is so amazing how much more we used to do so much more with 1-2 kids, I remember some of it. It just amazes me to see what I used to be like.  And to know what I am like now. Then seeing how happy we all were for like a half hour, I was thinking how much fun it would be to have like 1 or 2 kids. Thinking of the happy memories in the making, the photo album, what would be in them.
My grandfather has written 4 books. I think my favorite so far is one he wrote in 1990 called Remembering. It is about our family history dating back to about 1605, all the way to my generation. There are so many thing in there I find so fascinating. My uncle was married before my current aunt, the whole tangle of names I have and who I'm related to. My family was a bunch of farms in California most recently. In fact, we still own the farm and I have been there countless times. It is so just amazing to me.
My grandpa also wrote a book called Letters To California. It is a collection of letters he wrote to home during WWII, even the  months he was captures by the Germans. He wrote a book called Wings of the Moring, a science fiction novel. Then one about his sailing days ay UC Berkley called Tall Ships and Tall Tails, The University of California Yacht Club and Other Adventures. He is an amazing person I admire him so much more now then I did 24 hours ago.

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