Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I also realized as I was reading my blog, I don't look like a happy person at all. I am and I have been. I just feel like I need to vent online, I don't want you to think I'm a psycho depressed teen.

Ok so it was pretty chilly today and we still swam in class! My friend Carina and I were like this is nuts. So our instructor said after we were warming up, he would help individually with what we needed. So Carina and I were thinking we needed help with sculling and the breaststroke kick, cause for some reason, both of not only get anywhere doing it, we go backwards! But there was such good attendance he let had us doing laps in the big pool *dramatic music* So we did that and it was so much fun, I'm not freaking out as much as I used to when it came to rhythmic breathing. And Carina was freaking about it the first time, but she and I were the last ones out, I'm so proud of her. So I love swimming, actually played in pep band so that was alright too.

"When in doubt, pinky out." -Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants
1.Favorite time of day? Morning, right before the sun comes up. In the summer, when the peacocks are singing
2.What characteristic or personality trait do you despise? Personally for myself? I give the impression I'm depressed when I'm not. It's something I'm working on.
3.Biggest pet peeve? nail biting, even thought I do it. People saying they can't. People who think they are right about everything without backup.
4.Would you rather be stuck in a room with a person who never talked or someone that talked constantly? someone who talked constantly, because eventually we would find a subject we could agree on...the other times I could just stuff my ears or...kill them I don't know.
5.Greatest fear? Not getting to become a killer whale trainer. being alone. and white trees
6.Fav place in America? in the world? America: I have a few places. One is defiantly Ferndale, Cali. It is just amazing. I can't really describe it. Another is a place many people do not know about in Frisco. In the square, there are a few staircases that lead up to a dead end, and I like it, cause no one is there and I don't know, the view is just amazing. Then the last one is up at Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz.
7.Fav room in your house? mine, and my parents bathroom. It is the only room that closes and seals. the door touches the celling, floor and walls.

8.What do you think is the biggest issue currently facing teens? apathy
9.Biggest weakness? spending money
10.Fav binge food? pizza, coffee.
11.Fav means of communication--in person, internet
12.Fav song? I don't know. I like this one by Flight 180 called This Can't be Love. 13.Fav music artist or band? Like Flight 180, Down and Away, Empty Trash and Toy Shop
14.Fav grade or age? I think 23 is about right. Your out of school maybe, starting a career, and looking at the men if you don't have one already.
15.Art gallery, museum or zoo? Museum by far. I'm a huge geek. Zoos are horrible, don't go to them they are just wrong. Art galleries are cool I like them, but you have to go with the right people. I like going with Melina and Caleb
16.Cards, board game or computer game?  I kick butt with cards, board games, I haven't done in such a long time, and I used to be a computer game addict I really was. The only computer game I play now is Sea World Tycoon.
17.Beach, city or country? My favorite beaches are Newport and the one in Ferndale
18.Buttered, plain or salted popcorn? I like kettle corn It has sugar on it, like the Europeans do.
19.Gold or silver? silver
20.Biggest wish/goal to accomplish before you die: killer whale trainer
21. Fav Quotes or ones that have affected you. Oh gosh, anything from Spongebob. No kidding. Most of Robin Jones Gunn's books. She is an amazing author.

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