Monday, November 01, 2004

ok more I have a few minutes before class. Ok, so the surfing competition was so awesome. I had to convince my dad we had to go back to Mission Viejo though. So we got back and we drove through Newport and Balboa. Those places are just totally awesome. I love it there so much. So back at the competition, Mo Hi did totally awesome, another 1st place. Now how come we couldn't have been that good when I went there huh huh? Weather was so awesome I couldn't believe it. Love warm California days, just the best. Drove back with Caleb and Ben, that was awesome. I don't get to hang out with them as much as I'd like to. I don't know, I felt stress free for the rest of the day, it was nice. I didn't have to put on a face like I usually do at school or church. Then yesterday, church, I had like 3 people walk up to me and just randomly say "You are becoming so pretty" "You need to smile more, you have a gorgeous smile" and all that . I don't know it was funny. But last night at church dad and I had to decorate our car for the Trunk-or-Treat. So we covered it in sheets, had my Harry Potter soundtracks playing and the kids had to reach in and grab their candy. but I was in there and they couldn't see me and I had a bunch of cold soggy spaghetti noodles. Man I had fun making little kids scream. But they kept picking it up and walking away with it!!! Then didn't wait for the candy.

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