Saturday, October 16, 2004

Wow, it doesn't feel like Saturday, I think it is more like Sunday.  So that's good I think.
So yesterday, went to Caleb's party. It was pretty awesome. I mean yeah so I not as social as I can be, but I don't do well in crowds. Over 5 kills it for me, even if I know them. But yeah, so I think we watched all 3 Monty Pythons, and Dark Side of the Rainbow, which was damn brilliant for the first half or so. But yeah the whole thing got over a little after 1 and I didn't get home till well after 3. So I was expecting hell but all I got was "we don't want to put a curfew on you, so call next time." So It's all good.
Then I just got home from working at church all day.  So that's my life...

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