Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wow, I love school, I think high school was a joke sometimes. Man, I tried calling Mickalyn back  and she wasn't friggen there. Oh well. She was looking for me and left a message on Caleb's phone and when I heard it, I was so close to tears, but alas, I am strong. I haven't cried in like forever. Anyways, yeah I miss her so darn much. I am finding myself alone much of the time and it doesn't bother my like it used to. Like now for instance, in my room alone is a great thing, for I am IMing Jonelle at the moment. Man I'm so glad I can still talk to her, I mean hardly anyone is on line anymore and long distance class are not cheep, and I'm just not a phone person. So yeah school is good and someone IM me. I'll be here most of the day as far as I can tell. Yeah someone call me or IM me if I'm on. Can't stand talking to a darn wall anymore.

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