Sunday, August 08, 2004

Where did I leave off? Ukiah. OK So we get there and  I get to watch my dad unload stacks of chips. I mean these stacks of boxes were well over his head, they must have been 10+ feet high. It was very cool watching him at work, I think I have a bit more respect for him and stuff. So then we take off for Willits, which is only 40 miles up the road. So we got there and the first thing I noticed there were a ton of blackberry bushes and a million ripe blackberries. So while he unloaded, I was picking the best berries I had ever had. OMG!!!Were they good, I swear we could become rich and famous making jam or something. So we had those on the drive up to Eureka and in the middle of getting there and in the middle of absolutely nowhere, there is this annual reggae concert in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the forest. So we hit a bit of a slowdown there. It was kind of weird and cool, might try to go to it in the next couple of years. I mean this concert is so huge, the roads are blocked off for miles and the camping grounds looked like something out of The Lord of the Rings, it was trippy. So we get to Eureka at 10 and checked into our room and then went like 100ft. to the place where dad had to unload a trailer and a half of chips. he didn't get done till 3 30. It wasn't the best part of town either. So he had me stay there with him till he was done. For the most part, I crashed in the sleeper and listened to this 60's, 70's, and 80's station. At about 3 in the morning I got so cold I woke up at the beginning of a tune I knew I knew. It took 3 seconds to realize it was Pinball Wizard. It was the coolest thing. Now at the place where he was unloading, there is a sound system and no one around, we I ran in there and started blasting Pinball Wizard in the middle of the night it was awesome. So we got to the room and went to bed at 4 in the morning. Got up at 9 30 lazed in bed watching TV till noon and got out of there. the thing is, he has to have 10 hours off before we could leave again. So that put us at leaving at 1 30. so we checked out and wandered around the few blocks around the motel. Checked out this cool camping supple store and left to go home. We took a different way home down by Clear Lake and guess what? We drove through the town of Kelseyville!!!!OMG how cool is it to go through your very own town? There was Kelsey Creek and Kelsey Lumber and oh, it was just so cool. Finally got back home at 10 30 and crashed. It was a hecka long day.
Then today was Brianna's 17th b day par-tay. It was so awesome, there was a band, and I saw a few good friend I haven't seen since I moved here. It was so good to see them again, we exchanged email and AIM info. I'm so glad I got to see them. Ah, it was cool. then I found out I don't have to be at church till a half hour later then normal
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