Saturday, August 07, 2004

Man I am so tired, I feel like I got hit by a truck. ok I was not too far from that. On Thursday I was invited to go on a ride along with my dad. For those who are lost, my dad is a truck driver for Frito-Lay, and he can bring someone along with him once a quarter. So this trip was a layover in Eureka with a stop in Ukiah and one in Willits. The trip was supposed to leave at 4 in the morning on Thursday, but my dad had run out of hours to be on the clock, so the run was pushed to 10. But when we arrived to the plant, there was not a truck in the yard. His trailers were ready to go , but the actual truck that is used to pull the load was gone and some other driver took it without telling anyone. So we were put on delay for over an hour, waiting for another dude to came back so we could use the one he was using. So we didn't even get onto the road till after noon. So we drive and there, hit major traffic in Santa Rosa, so that put us behind even more. Finally get to Ukiah and .....I will have to continue this saga later, I have to go shower cause I have a party to go to , c ya later

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