Monday, August 09, 2004

It's kind of of funny. I have had at least three people come up to me and tell me the same thing. It's a good thing I guess, I'm just sorry for not jumping back flips (not that I could). But the information is interesting, but it is something I really don't care about anymore. Like golf scores. If you are into all that stuff, cool for you, but I really don't care. The thing I am referring to is something everyone knows about and excited for, I just don't care because I have closed that chapter of my life and can not open again for fear of being distracted from one of the only things worth living for; my dream of becoming a marine mammal specialist (killer whale trainer at SeaWorld San Diego). It was something that really hurt me and did me no good. It is like the game of love. I loved doing it. and being a player of the game, but I had put so much of myself into it, that in the end, it almost destroyed me earlier this year. There is no future for it in my life, I have to move on, keep breathing, keep living, without the distraction of *car horn* and keep moving toward my dream. About a year ago, actually exactly one year ago this week, my life changed. I guess I found myself. I decided that nothing or no one were or was more important than my goal, because there are no promises in any of them. I can't take the chance. No one or nothing can make me happy in the long run if I don't have my career to fall back on. I don't mean to sound dramatic or anything, I just got carried away, and I think I'm done now. One last thing, don't IM me if there is a mobile sign by my name on AIM. I tried to set it onto my dads cell and it kept my screen name on it and I have still to change it.

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