Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm sorry, I am a horrible person. I was supposed to call like two, maybe three people back today, and I never did. My head has been killing me all day, and I have been horribly dizzy if I stand for a long time. I might wash the bathrooms like I was supposed to yesterday, read some Harry potter , and go to bed. I've been in a bit of a daze and this hard rock music isn't helping either, but I like it and I'm so stubborn sometimes. I was thinking about in a few years, I'll be out on my own, maybe still in school, maybe in my established career, living with God knows who. There will be days when I do fall sick, (not like anyone does now) but, who and how will people look after me? Like my mom who is all like, "Stay in bed, here is the remote, go to the bathroom if you feel sick." Or will someone be like, "There is some Chinese take out from the other night in the microwave, I might be working late, so don't wait for me." I guess I'm just about as weird as they come, but I wonder about these things. I really do. I wonder...who will I be living with...where will  I be living...how often will I eat out...what color of towels will I have...what kids of furniture will be  where I live...will my personal styles have changed by then...what will my hobbies consist of...I just wonder...

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