Tuesday, May 04, 2004

To Love, ot Not to Love

This may seem a little weird, but I have had some people ask me what I thought love was and if I had ever been in love. I honestly have no idea, but  last night, this was what I came up with.
What is it?
-The acceptance of a person; knowing them and accepting them and their flaws.
-More of an action rather than an emotion.
-It makes a person go crazy. (can't sleep, can't eat...)
-When one asks for something, the other tells the first one to get it them self.
How do you know when your in love?
-You just know it.
-You are willing to wait for him/her or let him/her go.
-It's not something you announce to the world.
-You didn't try, it just is.
Can a person fall in love more than once?
-Personally, I have no idea. I don't think I have seriously loved anyone. My curse is I get along with everyone I know. I know them and accept them despite their flaws. Maybe its like the love your neighbor thing..I don't know.
-I thought a person could only fall in love once. But then there are the widowed who remarry...?
-Maybe one can fall in love another, and it never dies. I don't know. Have I been in love? I don't think I have..yet.
"It's a choice you know. You get to know someone and then you ask yourself, 'would I like to spend the rest of my life with this person?' If the answer is yes, then you wait until you have a big argument. Or until something goes wrong, or he (she) does something you don't like. And when things are at their lowest, you ask yourself again, 'would I like to spend the rest of my life with this person?' If the answer is still yes, then you know your in love."..."That's only the beginning. You make one really big decision and follow it up with a lifetime of little decisions that support that first one."..."the real answer is that when it's right, you'll know."

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