Saturday, May 08, 2004

Jobs and Dances

So, yeah, Caleb and I went to the worst place of earth, the mall looking for possible jobs. But there is no way I could work there, except maybe the Disney or Walden Books or something like that. I just don't like the feeling of being inside all day. Which reminds me, maybe I can go to the park later. I love it there. I've been inside all day doing nothing. Actually, I did get some of my notebook done for Econ.
How lame is this? I'm home on the night of my senior prom, doing homework. And why am I not out tonight you may ask? Well its not cause I didn't have a date or anything like that. I really don't feel like getting up with all of the drama that Mickalyn and Cindy are complaining about. Plus, I don't have a dress, have no money to buy one and I can  not dance for my life. Just ask Mickalyn. I'm white, although she and I are sistas.

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