Saturday, April 24, 2004

Mexican sisters

K, so I'm turning in two job applications today, will finish all of my homework this weekend, and then with this new screwed up short week schedule, might finish my last summer project of redoing my room. I still have some painting to do and some rearranging to do. Yes, I might actually finish this up!!
In case you don't know, I took up the project of totally repainting my room after I moved back downstairs. So, I painted it a light purple with white trim. Now I have to paint the double doors and the door leading to my room white, and finish the trim. And then find a way to let McKenna move in with me cause she really needs to be able to live with someone closer to her age and who has already gone through all of the awful 'girl' stuff an 11-year-old goes through. She is rooming with a 8, 6, and 3 year old. I hope I can help.
So, I'm also going back to Mexico this year and I am so excited to be able to go. I really feel as though I can fully serve and enjoy it at the same time. I have learned some really odd skills in Mexico too. Like, year 1, I learned to prune orchards and to roof. Year 2, I took up sewing most of that week. And then last year, I learned to mud and did a ton of painting. And every year, we did Vacation Bible School for the kids of the ranch. And trying to pretend to know Spanish, learning the colors again using fruit loops. Man, and then there is rock climbing in flip-flops, blasting Veggie Tails in Spanish on the way to to the beach. Oh, and last year, we waited until like 10 or 11 at night and then took the church van and went out into the middle of nowhere, chasing jack rabbits, and field mice, almost flipping a few times...and almost killed ourselves so we could go out and just look at the stars. Man, one night, Cindy and I wandered off toward the backside of the RV parking spaces and laid out there (being cautious of snakes) and just watched the stars for ever it seemed like. That was a totally awesome time. I can't wait.

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